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Fewer than 25% of homes in the U.S. are custom-built. This means if you decide to opt for a custom rather than prebuilt home, you’ll own something truly unique.

While it can take a little more work to do, it’s certainly worth it in the end when you have a house built completely to your needs and desires. But to achieve this, you need to approach your new home with pragmatism and awareness.

If you’re wondering and thinking about home layout ideas, then read on. Here are 5 amazing tips for choosing your ideal floor plan.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

We all have those dream properties where we’ve stared at countless house plans images for. But just because it’s the house of your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well-suited for your family and lifestyle.

For example, if you’re a family of musicians, then open floor plans probably aren’t such a good idea. You’ll all need your private spaces where you can create music without disturbing one another.

Think about your daily routines and then consider a floorplan around that.

2. Take Into Account the Size of Your Family

How many kids do you and your spouse currently have? Are any going to move away in the near future, since they’ll soon be going to college or moving in with their significant others?

On the other hand, you’ll also have to consider if you and your spouse will have more kids or if you’re already done. If you’re planning on having more children, then you’ll want to plan for a nursery and additional room(s) for them to grow up in, if this is to be your forever home.

In addition, you have to think about how old your kids currently are and what they’d desire in a home. Their opinion matters just as much as yours, after all.

For example, if they’re all still pretty young and spend lots of time with one another, the best home layout would be to place all the bedrooms next to one another so the kids can have easy access to one another.

However, if your children are all teenagers and/or adults, they’ll want some privacy. In that case, a floor plan with the bedrooms spread out would be better.

3. Consider How Often You Have Guests Over

You may not really think about it, but how often you have guests over can really affect how well a floor plan works.

For instance, an open floor plan on the bottom floor is great; whenever guests arrive and open the door, they’ll immediately see how your home’s laid out and all the spaces are nice and open.

However, this kind of floor plan can make some people feel quite exposed, especially if your neighbors are frequently outside. They can easily see in when your family’s just trying to go about their everyday lives.

If you have guests over, but not on a regular basis, plus you want to maintain some privacy, you might want to stay away from open floor plans and go for a traditional living room at the front of your house. This is a happy medium, as it’ll provide a great space to entertain guests while maintaining privacy for the rest of your home.

4. Don’t Forget About Outdoor Space

Many potential homeowners are so focused on how the inside of their home looks that they often completely forget about the outdoor space.

Chances are, you’ll want to maximize your outdoor living, especially when the weather gets good. So do you want to keep it natural with a lawn, or do you want to get a pool put in? Or do you want to have a deck with a barbecue on it?

The answer to how you want to utilize your outdoor space can greatly affect how your floor plan will look like. Make sure you take both indoor and outdoor living into consideration when you’re drawing up your floor plan. That way, you won’t run into headaches and expensive fixes in the future.

5. Start With What You Know

Perhaps you’ve already lived in a house where you really liked the floorplan; there’s little else you’d like to do with it, besides a few customizations here and there. Or maybe you feel like you’re not creative enough to start from scratch.

In these cases, it’s still entirely possible to get a custom-built house. It all comes down to what you want, after all.

For example, many custom home builders in Tulsa (such as Banner Custom Homes) have a wide selection of standard floor plans available. These can make great starting points, and who knows, you might stumble upon one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

In any case, you can use these standard floor plans and tweak them to your liking. Custom home builders are more than happy to go over these with you and discuss what you can do to make them your own.

Work With Professionals for Home Layout Ideas

Now that you know all the things you need to consider when it comes to home layout ideas, the next step is to work with home builders in Tulsa, Oklahoma, such as Banner Custom Homes.

We’ve been in the industry for decades, helping people like you bring their dream homes to life. We’re dedicated to quality and integrity in everything that we do. Let us assist you in choosing the perfect home layout for your family.

Are you looking for home builders in Tulsa or Broken Arrow? Then get in touch with us now.