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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, we understand the importance of community and family life. It’s funny, you wouldn’t think at first the home you live in could play such a huge part in this.

When you are designing a house, you are designing a life!

That’s why it’s so important to us to bring your dream house design to realization, one that fits all you and your family’s needs and desires. Working with custom home builders is the best way to achieve this.

Planning Your Dream House Design

Before you begin your dream house design though or even begin consulting custom home builders in Tulsa, it’s important that you have a very clear plan of exactly what you imagine and what you want your home to look like.

Remember, it’s a collaboration between you and the custom home builders so we want to give you the best tips for designing a house before you a hire a designer.

1. Create an Inspiration Board

Come in with a plan. The more information you can provide to our custom home builders, the better.

Create an inspiration board with pictures of other houses from sites like Pinterest and house design magazines. Even better, you can refer to our website to look at our custom floorplans so you can get a better idea of what you want.

But how do you decide what you want?

2. Think About the Future

If you’re designing a dream house, you’ll probably be living there for a long time so you should think about all the aspects that could influence the design of your house. Such as, do you plan on having kids, pets, family members visiting a lot? Do you plan on working from home and needing a home office?

Once you’ve answered most of these questions, you can move forward with the rest of these hacks that will stylize your house to be one of beautiful design and function.

3. Paint

Painting the home with your personal preferences can make a significant change in creating a home of your own. The color of your home can dramatically transform the space as well from cheap looking to one of careful consideration and beauty.

Choosing a color palette can be tough because it will determine the design of the rest of the room including furniture and accessories. It’s important not to have too many colors as this can look muddied or chaotic.

We suggest to stick to a palette of 3 colors. The most distinct color will be for the walls, the second color for larger pieces of furniture like couches and sofas, and the third color for the smaller accessories like throw pillows or picture frames to really add that pop to the room.

If you prefer having white painted walls, then make sure the color of your furniture pieces is bold and dramatic so to draw the eye and not make the room look washed out.

4. Hardwood Floors

If you have the budget, then always opt for hardwood floors over carpet. Not only are these floors easier to clean, hardwood will immediately add that timeless, classy look. They also last longer and require less maintenance over time if you do ever decide to sell your home.

Different types of wood cost more than others, so refer to your visualization boards for your original preferences and then do the research on what kind of wood you will be able to include in your budget. Generally, darker wood is viewed as more luxurious.

5. Textures

This one is really important for homeowners in Tulsa to include if they want to create the level of quality of an interior designer. A room without textures can look very bland and not cozy enough to sit in for extended periods of time.

You can create a more vibrant look with large pillows that add a feeling of comfort and attraction to the room. Another important element is curtains or drapes. Without any treatments on the windows, the room will look unfinished. There are so many styles of curtains out there, so you will definitely be able to match your inspiration boards and get creative with it.

6. Natural Light

Light is more significant than I can stress in altering the mood and atmosphere of a home. You should think about both natural light and artificial light you will want to install. Your preferences matter a lot here with how you design the light sources.

With natural light, if you have a specific preference for morning light in a certain room, such as the kitchen or your office, then design your home plan so that room is facing toward the east.

Also, consider the climate you live in. If it’s a rainy, grey climate then skylights can be a huge help in bringing in that extra light. Or, if it’s a very hot and sunny climate, you may want to design a space with less large windows.

7. Artificial Light

With artificial light, choosing the right light fixtures can change the mood of the house dramatically. Don’t be afraid to check out flea markets and second-hand stores in Tulsa, especially if you’re on a tight budget, as these places tend to be filled with hidden gems at a lower price.

Include several different light sources as well in each room to really create that designer atmosphere. Lights on the floor, lamps on the table and more can emphasize a more elegant feel.

The House of Your Dreams

So, before you buy a house that isn’t special or designed for you, think about your preferences and your future plans with your family. Getting in touch with custom home builders is a perfect start to the creation of your dream house design.

Check out Banner Custom Homes to learn more and see all the services we offer. Feel free to contact us and know that we will do everything possible to bring the house of your dreams to life.