Custom Home Builders In Tulsa

So you’ve finally decided to build the home of your dreams. This process can be the most exciting or the most overwhelming thing you experience in your life.

To make the process less overwhelming (and more exciting), it’s essential to choose the right custom home builders in Tulsa. It is your dream home, after all, so you need to find the right custom home builders to turn your dreams into reality.

What are the qualities you should be looking for? This handy guide will let you know.

Qualified and Trained

It is essential that when looking for the custom home builders in Tula that you will build your home, you make sure they are qualified and trained. Training includes going to school and taking classes specific to building homes. Qualifications include having passed all the necessary exams.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see academic documents such as diplomas or certifications. These educational documents are physical proof that your custom home builders are trained and qualified for the job that you are offering them.


Not only do you need to find custom builders that have experience building custom homes, but you need builders that possess experience planning, building, as well as supporting the entire home building process.

To determine the capability of custom homes your builder can build (different designs and sizes), you first need to figure out their level of experience.

Keep in mind that if you select custom home builders in Tulsa who are not experienced, you will have to limit your options to designs that they are capable of building. Doesn’t sound very “custom” now, does it?

When it comes to building your dream home, ask yourself this question:

Do you want a builder that can only build cookie-cutter homes, or do you want one that asks what you want in a home, plans, and builds what you asked for?

High Previous Customer Satisfaction Rate

So much can be said for custom home builders in Tulsa with a list of highly satisfied customers. Be sure to ask your builder for customer testimonials and about other projects they have done in the past. Do this before you commit to signing your building contract.

You can often find out online what other previous customers say about the builder. Check Google to find online reviews or search for customer testimonials on the builder’s website.

You can check out testimonials from our happy homeowners on our website!

Commitment to Excellence

Your home is where you and your family will spend the most time together as well as where you will celebrate all of life’s successes. This is the place where your children will be running down the halls, have Sunday football parties, and celebrate Christmas.

Structural repairs are the last thing that should be on your mind as time passes. It’s vital to look for custom home builders in Tulsa who committ themselves to excellence and top quality work.

These builders should only use the most structurally sound products (such as flooring and framing) when building your home. Ask your custom home builder about the types of products they plan on using. It’s helpful to know the reputation of these products as well in case you’ll need to replace anything in the future.

This kind of knowledge will give you an idea of how much your home’s resale value might be one day and, more importantly,  peace of mind.

Check out samples of our previous work that show or commitment to unmatched quality and excellence.

Creative and Innovative

Creativity and innovation in a custom home builder are essential if you want to be sure that the custom home that they build is perfect for you.  Sometimes your dreams may have a hard time lining up with reality, but a creative and innovative builder strives to make the impossible possible.

Ask yourself the same question as earlier, do you want a cookie-cutter house? Creativity gets you a uniquely designed home perfect and customized to your liking.

You have to ensure that you check on the previous homes that you custom home builders have built so that you can find out whether they are creative and innovative.

Clear Communication Style

Communication is everything, so it is crucial to find a builder that listens to what you want and don’t want for your custom-built home. To avoid future bumps in the road, as early as possible, try to build a trusting relationship with your custom home builder.

Communication is crucial, and the key to a successful home build. Your builder deserves to keep you updated on timelines, products, estimates, and more so you are kept in the loop.

If early on, you already feel like what you have to say about your custom-built home is falling on deaf ears, take this as a warning sign of the builder’s communication style, and look for a different builder.

You can learn more about us and our approach here.

Insured and Licensed

Accidents can happen, which is why you need to confirm that your custom home builders in Tulsa are insured. Also, be sure that every one of your builders is all licensed before you hire them.

A company without insurance for their builders is a sign of a lack of care towards their builders since insurance keeps them protected in case something happens.

Respectful of Your Time

Look for a custom home builder with a sense of urgency to complete a project. It is also important that he gives you realistic expectations when giving you a rough timeline and completion date.

A builder that gives you a too good to be true completion date is either:

a) underestimating the scope of the project

b) planning on building your home by taking as many shortcuts as possible.

If you notice early on that the builder takes too long to respond or, worse, doesn’t respond at all,  you might be better off looking for someone else to build the home of your dreams.

Custom Home Builders in Tulsa You Can Trust!

If you’ve finally decided to build the home of your dreams, congratulations! It’s essential to choose the right custom home builders in Tulsa. It is your dream home, after all, so you need to find the right custom home builders to turn your dreams into reality.

For custom home builders you know you can trust, contact us today so we can help you build the home of your dreams!