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The first walkthrough in any home can be exciting, especially when you look forward to settling in one. You may quickly find yourself looking around the house, imagining what you can do to make the home feel even homier. Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, you may be missing a vital point in the first home walkthrough.

The first walkthrough is less of a tour of the house to see what it offers and more of a chance for you to spot potential issues! In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what to be looking for in your first home walkthrough to ensure you don’t run into negative surprises when you decide to purchase it:

1. Check the Roof

The first thing you will most likely see when visiting the home is the roof itself. This is your chance to ask the seller when the roof is installed and ask whether the warranty is still there to back it up. You will want to ask this because old roofs will have asbestos installed on them, and a warranty is vital to help cover any expensive repairs if needed.

2. Look at the Walls

No matter the wall you are looking at, you want to make sure everything looks solid. If you notice any significant cracks, that’s a big warning sign. Large cracks, especially one with discoloration, can indicate that there have been structural damages to the building. It can also be a sign telling you that there are other problems in the home, such as leaks. However, if you only notice tiny cracks on the drywall, you don’t worry about it.

3. Analyze the Paint

An ugly paint job isn’t much to worry about. It can easily be fixed with the new paint job, although that will mean extra cost on your end. What you want to be looking for in the paint job, however, is any fresh paint. This can be an indication that they’re hiding something or that something was fixed. If you notice anything like this, ask the seller about the paint to see why it was there.

4. Assess the Floors

In most cases, the home’s floors will be in good condition. After all, the tiles are pretty durable, and there won’t be many issues with them. What you’re trying to look for in the floors, then, is how flat it is. If you notice any sagging or dipping, it may indicate that some plumbing was done. If this is the case, then you may have to consider fixing the home’s structure.

5. Test the Windows

With windows, you’re going to try opening and closing them. Pay attention to how easy it is to carry out those activities, and don’t forget to try and lock the windows if possible. At the same time, pay attention to the quality of the window. You may have to replace them if they’re cheap-looking, although this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.


Essentially, your first home walkthrough is to look at as many aspects of the home as possible, jotting down anything that looks suspicious or concerning. With your list, you can either talk to the seller about them and even ask a professional for their opinion about the issue. Generally, your task here is to find a solution to any problems you have discovered. This can be anything from having the seller fix the home before you purchase it, lowering the original price for the house to compensate for the fixing cost, or accepting to fix everything yourself. The solution will be up to you and the seller’s agreement, but identifying these problems is the leverage that can give you an upper hand in the transaction!

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