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As we gracefully navigate through the journey of life, our needs and preferences evolve, especially when it comes to our living spaces. The concept of aging in place—staying in your own home as you grow older—has gained considerable traction in recent years. However, it’s not as simple as just deciding to stay put. A home that was perfect in our 20s or 30s may pose challenges as we age, and that’s where custom homebuilding comes into play. 

Custom homebuilding for aging in place is all about designing homes with the future in mind. It’s about incorporating design features that not only cater to the current lifestyle but also ensure long-term comfort and convenience. It’s about preparing for potential mobility issues, reduced vision, or other age-related changes that might come our way. 

From wider doorways for potential wheelchair access to easy-to-reach kitchen storage and non-slip flooring, these design features and considerations can make a world of difference in our golden years. They allow us to maintain our independence, continue enjoying our home, and stay in the community we’re familiar with.

Incorporating Accessible and Adaptable Floor Plans

A well-designed floor plan is the foundation of an aging-in-place custom home, providing ease of navigation, accessibility, and adaptability to your changing needs over time:

  1. Single-level living: Opt for a single-story or main-floor living design that eliminates the need for stairs, making it easier to move around your home as mobility diminishes.
  2. Open floor plans: Prioritize open, spacious floor plans that reduce the number of hallways and tight spaces, promoting accessibility and ease of movement for individuals using wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices.
  3. Future modifications: Plan for potential future modifications, such as installing residential elevators or stairlifts, by allocating sufficient space and incorporating the necessary infrastructure during the construction phase.

Ensuring Safe and Accessible Bathrooms

Bathrooms can present numerous safety hazards and accessibility challenges for aging individuals. Thoughtful design choices and features can mitigate these risks and support a comfortable aging-in-place experience:

  1. Curbless showers: Install barrier-free, curbless showers with built-in seats and adjustable handheld showerheads to facilitate safe and accessible bathing.
  2. Grab bars: Integrate strategically placed grab bars throughout your bathroom to offer additional support, stability, and safety during daily activities.
  3. Slip-resistant flooring: Select slip-resistant tile or flooring materials, and consider installing electric radiant floor heating systems, which provide additional safety and comfort underfoot.

Enhancing Kitchen Functionality and Accessibility

Adaptable kitchen design that supports changing needs and abilities over time ensures convenience, safety, and independence as you age in place:

  1. Adjustable countertops: Design adjustable-height countertops or establish multiple preparation areas at varying heights, accommodating a range of mobility needs and preferences.
  2. Accessible storage: Incorporate pull-out shelves, Lazy Susans, and drawer storage in your kitchen cabinetry, enabling easy access and organization while minimizing the need for excessive bending or reaching.
  3. Appliance placement: Choose thoughtful appliance placement, such as a wall oven at a comfortable height or a cooktop with accessible front controls, ensuring functionality and accessibility for residents with diverse abilities.

Prioritizing Safety, Comfort, and Convenience Throughout Your Custom Home

A variety of design features, technologies, and finishing touches can enhance the overall safety, comfort, and convenience of your aging-in-place custom home:

  1. Wide doorways and hallways: Build wider doorways and hallways throughout your home to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers, providing ample space for easy maneuverability.
  2. Lever-style door handles: Replace traditional doorknobs with lever-style handles that are easier to operate for individuals with limited hand strength or dexterity.
  3. Smart home technologies: Implement smart home technologies like voice-activated lighting, automated window treatments, and remote-controlled thermostat settings to improve convenience and enhance control of your living environment.

Create a Timeless and Comfortable Aging-in-Place Custom Home with Banner Custom Homes

Custom homebuilding for aging in place is a forward-thinking approach that champions flexibility, adaptability, and longevity. It’s a testament to how good design can transcend age and physical ability, creating a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable living environment for everyone.

Trust Banner Custom Homes to bring your aging-in-place custom home dream to life, providing you with a timeless and adaptable living space that maintains its functionality, aesthetics, and appeal throughout your life. Contact us today to discuss how we can create the perfect aging-in-place custom home for your family in Tulsa, and embark on a journey towards a comfortable, secure, and fulfilling future.