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If you ask any homeowner, they’ll consider their home as a private, relaxing sanctuary, away from the chaos of the outside world. But we all know that finding the perfect home in the market can be difficult; that’s why homeowners usually build a custom home from the ground up to manifest the oasis of their dreams. 

A custom home offers you complete control of your home’s design, layout, and features. All of these combined creates your home’s characters and functionalities that will work well with your lifestyle and preferences. With a custom-built home, you get to choose how many rooms you want, where they’ll be situated, and all the finer details that would make up your living space.

If you’re planning to build a custom home and you’re looking for ideas to breathe into your space. Here are some small custom features that you should overlook since they can give your home huge benefits. Let’s take a look!

Tiny Feature #1: Covered Back Porch

If you’re planning to have a back porch, that’s great! You’re adding more living space and utilizing the outdoor area of your home. However, consider designing a roofline in your outdoor space so you can also use the area even when it starts to rain a bit. Trust us — drinking some hot cocoa on the porch without getting wet by the rain sounds pretty cozy and relaxing. 

Tiny Feature #2: Smart Power Outlet Placements

Nothing is more frustrating than not finding a power outlet in certain areas of your home. With that being said, it’s best to speak to your electrician and your custom home builder so you can dodge this bothersome electrical issue. 

Consider adding extra power outlets in your kitchen space, especially since this is the part of your home where you may need more electrical use. Other areas you need to be more thoughtful about electrical placement are your bedrooms, office, living area, and even your deck.

Tiny Feature #3: Choose the Right Flooring

Carpets can be replaced easily, but the type of flooring you choose needs careful consideration. Of course, you want to choose quality flooring that won’t only provide style but also function. 

Choose flooring that’s easy to clean, consistent, and would tie the whole look of your home together. When choosing a flooring type, consider the type of activities you may be doing, such as hikes, and playing with your pets, so you can cross out floorings like carpets and wood that could easily get damaged.

Tiny Feature #4: Lighting Solutions

You’d think that your furniture is the only piece that could bring dimension into your room? You’re wrong. Your lighting fixtures play a huge role in the functionality, personality, and ambiance of your space.

With that being said, overlook your lighting solutions and spend time finding areas where you could incorporate light — may it be for function or design. 

Tiny Feature #5: Keyless Door Knob

Thanks to technology, there is a mountain of home features that could elevate the functions of your home. One of the biggest tech advancements is keyless door knobs — similar to those of luxurious hotels. 

Having a keyless entry is extremely practical since you won’t have to worry about forgetting your keys. Not to mention, some door knobs also offer an alarm system, so you won’t have to worry about security. 

The Bottom Line: Collaborate with a Custom Home Builder to Build Your Dream Home

These are only a few of the small features that could enhance the functions of your home. When you sit down and spend time designing your home with your custom home builder, you’ll be able to build a home that covers your needs and lifestyle without compromising key functions. 

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