Buyers who have never built a customized home may have an inaccurate view of the entire process. They might assume that all they need to do is locate the ideal lot, get a blueprint made by an architect, then open bidding for a contractor. However, starting with a professional builder yields the best results. 

Even better, a design-build construction company would eliminate the need for a separate architect, expediting the entire process. By hiring a contractor first, a buyer can save time, money, and a lot of hassle.

Here are five reasons starting with a builder or contractor should be before acquiring land:

1. They Have the Right Perspective on the Best Lots and Design

Even though a buyer might look at a lot and be able to picture their future home, that vision needs to be tempered by knowledge. Since they know the optimum conditions for constructing and what adjustments are available, knowledgeable builders can look at a lot and recognize its full potential. 

For example, most buyers search for a completely level lot, not knowing that some of the best lots have a moderate, gentle slope around them.

2. They Are Knowledgeable

Finding a great lot requires a lot of research. Builders have a team of professionals ready to analyze a property’s history, paperwork, build-readiness, and other land qualities. 

A builder spends approximately a week on due diligence and formulating an offer. In contrast, a buyer must do all the legwork themselves and lack the years of knowledge required to quickly analyze a lot. 

3. They Offer Good Financing

You need a new construction loan from a lender as an individual buyer. There are certain benefits to doing so. You can, for example, establish a partnership with a local bank; the bank must also approve the builder (which aids in the vetting process), and banks offer a wide range of loan kinds. 

However, new construction loans typically require a larger down payment. This type of loan will typically require a 30 percent down payment. Buying from a builder can provide more affordable financing options with lower interest rates than bank financing. 

Furthermore, because the builder already has a relationship with a lender, the approval process and inspection period are sped up, allowing you to draw funds more quickly to keep the project moving.

4. They Have Insurance

You’ll be liable if someone gets injured on the land during construction if you buy a lot. When the builder owns the lot, the obligation is theirs, usually covered by their insurance. It’s yet another detail you won’t have to worry about if you work with a builder before purchasing a lot.

5. They Have Several Properties for Reselling

When buying a property, you’re not only competing with other buyers. You’re also up against builders and developers continuously looking for and obtaining excellent lots before they become available to the general public. 

Builders and developers expend significant amounts of effort and resources in trying to select the ideal lots on which to construct. When they discover a viable lot, they prepare a clear, cash-written offer with limited contingencies and closing terms tailored to the seller’s needs. In some cases, they are better positioned to get the lot you are eyeing.


It is essential to consider acquiring land and locating a contractor before beginning a construction project. While acquiring land may be the first step in the process, finding a reputable contractor who can make your vision a reality is far better. By taking the time to consider both aspects of the project, you can help to ensure a successful outcome.

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