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Production Homes vs. Custom Homes: Why Custom is the Best Choice

Building a home is a big decision. Not only will you have to think of things such as size, number of rooms, and style, but you’ll also have to choose a location. These choices can seem overwhelming, but we can help you at every step. To learn about the benefits of building a custom home rather than a production model, read on.

Custom vs. Production Homes

Before getting into the advantages of building a custom home in Tulsa, let’s discuss the differences between custom and production homes. Production builders focus on volume, and they use one or two floor plans over and over. These homes are often built in crowded subdivisions, where buyers don’t typically get to choose where their home is located.

Custom builders like Banner Homes, however, build unique homes that aren’t based on generic templates. With a custom home, you can use your own land or a builder’s lot, which offers additional flexibility. While custom homes come with more benefits than production models, the decision is yours.

In the sections below, we’ll discuss the biggest reasons to choose a custom home.

Saving Money

Though it seems counterintuitive, going with a custom home builder can help buyers save money. It requires a more sizable upfront investment, but the long-term savings are significant. When building a custom home, you’ll get just what you want, when you want it. There’s no need to spend thousands on repairs, upgrades, and installations when working with a custom home builder. You can select the options you want, which means you’ll get the most value for your investment.

Custom Floor Plans and Greater Personalization

One of the biggest reasons to team up with a custom builder is the level of personalization they provide. Unlike production home construction companies, custom builders allow buyers to customize all aspects of their new homes, from style and size to the type and number of rooms. By working with a custom builder, you won’t have to view dozens of model homes to find one that meets your needs.

Unique Materials and Memorable Finishes

When working with our company, you’ll be a part of the construction process from beginning to end. That means you’ll get to choose the finishes and materials used. Our clients also have the option to use energy-efficient and sustainable materials, which helps them save money and protect the environment.

We can even integrate special features to leave plenty of room for important possessions, such as valuable artwork and heirloom furniture. With our help, you can turn the home of your dreams into a reality.

More Privacy

While it may not be the first thing most new home buyers think of, privacy is a crucial consideration. Our custom home construction company allows clients to build on their own land, giving them the privacy they value. Did you buy a plot of land in a secluded area? We can build a home on it! If you haven’t bought any land, our team will help you find an area that’s perfect for the entire family.

Higher Quality

Unlike working with one of Tulsa’s production builders, our company will take steps to ensure that all aspects of your custom home are of superior quality. When you work with the team at Banner Homes, you’ll have more control over the construction process—which means the results are more likely to meet your expectations.

Rather than being forced to accept design elements that are template-based and prefabricated, we allow our clients to build from scratch. Call us today to learn how we can ensure your satisfaction and build the home you’ve always wanted.

Customized Appliances

There are numerous reasons to build a custom home, but this is one of the best. Most people use their appliances several times a day—why not choose models that meet your needs perfectly? Custom home builders allow you to select certain types of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and much more. When you team up with Banner Homes, the options are nearly endless.

Sustainability and Efficiency

This benefit goes along with the custom appliances mentioned above. With the ability to choose your new home’s appliances, you can go with more efficient models. Not only will you save money in the long term, but you will also help the planet.

The Freedom to Modify the Home’s Design

While building a new home is exciting, it can also be stressful, especially when choosing a design. When working with a production home builder, you’ll only get one chance to get the design right. However, when you work with us, we’ll make as many changes as it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

Banner Homes allows clients to tweak their homes’ designs before the groundwork is laid, so if you’re unsure about a design element or you have new ideas, we will help you incorporate those changes into the overall design.

Effortless Design and Construction Processes

When homes are custom-built, owners can oversee the entire process and keep things running smoothly. The Banner Homes team will handle it all, from design and planning, purchasing and estimating, interior design, construction management, and much more. By working with our company, you’ll get the benefits of a unified team rather than a group of contractors that may not all be on the same page. With our integrated approach, we keep the lines of communication open for everyone.

Building Sentimental Value

The most special thing about building a customized home is that it’s unique to your family and every part of it was selected and built to meet your needs. When working with Banner Homes, you will have a place to make memories that last a lifetime. We’re here to help you feel right at home!

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