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When it comes to aesthetics, the options for design are virtually limitless. It might be difficult to decipher all of the different house styles because there are so many to choose from. Decide on a house style that works best for you and stick with it.

The following are seven of the most popular home design trends you can consider. 

1. Contemporary-Style Homes

It’s common for modern homes to be sleek and contemporary, with clean lines and little embellishment. Color palettes, floor designs, and material choices are frequently kept to a minimum. The final product is a simple design with a lot of free space. The interiors of such dwellings are just as streamlined, with lots of open space, and often include contemporary furniture, tons of windows, and even indoor pools.

To get a similar look without the hefty price tag, consider low-maintenance alternatives to natural stone, such as this magnetic slate facade.

2. Colonial-Style Homes

This style of house is always trimmed with decorative molding and window casings. Roofs are steeply pitched, and there are usually dormers and elaborately carved bargeboards on the tops.

The house is made with multi-paned casement windows. You’ll often discover that colonial-style homes have wraparound porches or front and back porches, with a corner or center entrance featuring a transom over the door.

3. Victorian Houses

Victorian homes are known for their unique architectural details and intricate molding. In the 1800s, they were common, and they remain so now. They were two stories high with a broad, sloping roof and front porch. Some of their features are still popular. People often painted victorian homes in warm colors with white trim around the windows and doors.

Consider using wooden weatherboards to achieve a similar look.

4. Cape Cod Homes

The style of the house known as the Cape Cod home is often seen in rural areas. It is typically simple but elegant, with a gabled roof and the main front door.

The exterior of a Cape Cod-style home is simple but elegant. It often features a wood shingle exterior, decorative shutters, and a small but decorative front door. There are often shutters and a decorative front door in the garage.

While this house style is often associated with ranches and farmhouses, it can be adapted to any rural or suburban setting.

For a similar look, consider using shingles as siding on your home.

5. Mediterranean-Style Houses

Most Mediterranean-style homes share the same features: they use tiled roofs and stucco-coated walls that are usually red, yellow, or brown. The houses are narrow, with pillars, arches, and tall ceilings.

6. Country French-Style Homes

Country French-style houses are typically painted in various shades of yellow. They also tend to have dark roofs with wooden shingles. They often feature a central dormer with decorative shutters and a stovepipe. For a similar look, consider using beams to support your roof.

7. Traditional Ranch Homes

In the United States, traditional ranch-style houses are among the most popular home designs. This style is popular because it is easy to live in and maintain. The style of the house includes a pitched roof and a central entryway.

The traditional ranch typically has two columns supporting the entryway, a narrow porch, and a dormer that runs the length of the house on both the front and back.

To get a similar look, add a shed dormer to your home’s side or consider building a sunroom addition on the back of your house.


Choosing the style of your house doesn’t just give you a better understanding of its history and original purpose. It can also help you better understand how to renovate the interior and exterior of your home. 

Not every house adheres to a particular house style. Elements of many house types are frequently mixed in a single residence. It results from one era transitioning into another while preserving specific characteristics of the last time, and it is easily adaptable to your design scheme. Although you should avoid a mishmash of house types, you can modify a particular style for your expansion.

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