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Are you planning to build your own house? You may want to consider getting either a custom home or a modular home made, but what exactly is their difference?

These terms are often used interchangeably as a custom home can also be modular, and a modular home can be prefabricated. What you are considering is whether you want a site-built custom home or a prefabricated modular home.

This article will run you through what these terms mean and which one may be better for your needs.

What Is a Modular Home?

The end-product of a modular home may look identical to a traditional home, and one cannot simply tell the difference just by looking. The difference for a modular home comes in how it is built.

A modular home is built section by section with prefabricated components coming from a factory site. These components are transported to the final location to be put together and installed. As the components are prefabricated, the construction period is shortened and is more efficient.

While it may seem simple, these components are still inspected by local building inspectors to ensure that they are compliant with standards and are correctly completed. This ensures that a modular home is built sturdy and can last a lifespan equal to its traditional counterparts.

Per square foot, a modular home’s cost can be very affordable compared to a traditional home. They are also easily transportable, making them ideal if you don’t want to buy land or are planning to relocate.

What Is a Site-Built Custom Home?

Unlike modular homes, site-built homes are made on location and stand there permanently after the construction is completed. These houses are built in a traditional and time-tested way.

The construction of site-built homes can take months to years to complete as the materials are transported to the site and fitted to complete the build. This includes the wood for door frames and windows, bricks and cement for walls, pipes for plumbing, and other materials that can take time to gather and assemble.

The process of creating a site-built custom home is more time-consuming and costly. After finishing the build, they have to be inspected to ensure compliance with local and state building codes, which entails additional cost and time.

Which One Is Better?

Modular homes are more consistent as their components are made in climate-controlled environments. Site-built homes have elemental variables that can affect the cost and quality of the prepared and assembled parts on-site.

Modular home components are delivered and assembled immediately, so you also reduce the risk of on-site damage and theft. However, modular homes often need extra screws, lumber, steel strapping, and adhesive to ensure structural integrity during assembly and transportation.

If you decide to change anything during the construction of your modular home, it may be difficult as the components are already prefabricated to fit your agreed floor plan. Site-built custom homes allow you to make any changes you want with a bit more expense and additional time for the construction.


Both modular and custom-built homes give you the freedom to build your dream home. The difference lies in the process at which the house is built. If you prioritize the speed and cost of your build, modular homes are ideal for you. For better customization options and creative freedom, custom-built homes would be better.

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