builder at work

When you find yourself ready to get a new home, it’s easy to get carried away by the excitement. You could be tempted to hire the first contractor you meet just to get your custom-built home started straight away. However, such hastiness should be avoided when you are choosing the team that will build your dream home.

In fact, there are several pitfalls that you should avoid when you’re in the process of hiring builders. Here are some of those mistakes:

Asking for Quotes Based on Square Footage

There are a lot of misleading ads from building companies out there that attract clients with their claims of “building custom homes for less than $100 per square foot”. Sounds attractive, right? The problem is that a contractor can’t make such claims without a detailed floor plan in hand because every custom home has unique features. For example, a home measuring 2000 sq ft with three bedrooms will not cost the same as a 2000-square meter home with just two bedrooms. Can you see now why a reputable contractor cannot make a realistic promise about the cost of your project without more details?

Choosing a Builder With Limited to No References to Show

While there may be instances when it’s perfectly fine to trust a budding company with no previous experience, your custom home is probably not the best “practice project”. It would be better to work with a builder that can show you a portfolio of your previous work and will be willing to give you client references.

Underestimating the Value of Client-Contractor Compatibility

You might think that it’s not important whether you get along with the contractor or not as long as they can do a great job. The thing is, you’re going to be working with their team long-term and in every stage of the building process. If you are not compatible with the contractor, you might find it hard to inform them of your preferences or to call them out if things are not going as you expected.

Selecting a Builder with No Communication Skills

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a contractor who won’t be able to constantly communicate with you. But how would you know if the builder will be responsive or not unless you start working with them? One good way to find out is to check out their reviews on social media. Clients who are unhappy with their builders will definitely say something in their reviews. Another way is by observing how they respond to your inquiries. If it takes them long to reply to your questions, it’s probably a glimpse of what you’ll be dealing with in the future should you choose them.

Going for Builders That Offer the Lowest Price

You might get tempted to go with the builder that can offer you the lowest price. You shouldn’t do it, though. It’s best if you choose one that can offer you the highest value. Keep in mind that the reason you’re probably given the lowest quote is that they are inexperienced and don’t really know how much materials cost or they use poor quality materials. It’s also possible that they’re not that confident with the skills of their workers. They may also just be giving you a misleading estimate.


These are five of the most common mistakes that people make when choosing their custom home builder. Avoid committing these blunders and you’ll have a hassle-free project. As you can tell, the success of any home-building project starts with your choice of builder. Go with one that has a solid reputation for the quality of their work and the materials that they use. They should be able to show you references of their past work and maintain open communication with you. They may not be the one that offers the lowest cost but the most realistic one.

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