House layout

Buying your own home is a great investment that everyone dreams of. Whether you’re a young person, a married couple, or even someone who’s near retirement, your home should be a place where you not only find refuge and rest but also happiness and enjoyment. 

But sometimes, having your dream home doesn’t mean it will last forever. At any point in time, you may have to think about moving to a new location, especially as you move to new phases in your life.

Homeowners stay in their homes for an average of 13 years, according to the National Association of Realtors. This is why many homeowners choose the best of both worlds: they opt for custom-built homes so they’ll have something they really like without compromising the property’s resale value.

With these in mind, it’s best to have an action plan that would benefit you and your future buyer. Doing so does not mean you need to be a professional interior designer. You just have to be familiar with some of the major design features that will help you build a fantastic home now and still maintain promising resale value later on. 

Here are the things that you should consider to make the most out of your dream home.

Color Scheme 

It all starts with a color palette that you can choose from, which will work with a wide array of interior design styles. You don’t want to just combine your favorite colors and strike the house like an abstract painting. And you definitely don’t want your future buyers to run as soon as they see your choice of color scheme.

It’s best to stick to clean, bright and relaxing colors. For common areas of the house, you can choose neutral colors to tone down the brighter ones. 


Imagine this: building a split bedroom where your kids have their own space as you get comfy in your own private bedroom. It would be great if you can set aside extra space for the whole family to enjoy like a gaming area or movie theater. 

Always think about how your potential buyers would feel inside the house so you’ll have an idea of how you will maximise the spaces. 


One of the things that bring vibrancy and elegance to a house is the flooring. You can beautify your home by installing beautiful hardwood floors for a classic. Or you can choose to incorporate modern tiles for a sleek aesthetic.

Take note that you need to consider your floor design, material, and colors that will match

not just the existing interior color schemes, but with other styles. One of the most popular flooring options these days is LVT flooring. It is a luxury vinyl tile that is durable and easy to replace, and it captures the upscale look of slate, wood, and ceramic.


Every house is different. Everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to overall design, structure, colors, and even the materials used. But if you stick with color palettes that complement a wide variety of design choices and you envision yourself and future buyers staying in and loving every corner, then that would help you build your own home.

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