Custom Home

Embarking on the journey of creating a custom home in the vibrant city of Tulsa offers an exciting opportunity to sculpt your living space to match your vision of luxury and comfort. At our core, we specialize in crafting homes that not only meet these expectations but also surpass them by embracing detailed customization. As we venture into the realms of luxury in home design, it’s essential to understand what sets these residences apart from the standard offerings. With us, the process is not just about building walls and rooms; it’s about creating an environment that reflects your highest desires for elegance and functionality.

Our approach integrates your personal style with the latest in architectural innovation to create spaces that are inherently luxurious. By focusing on custom floor plans and high-end features, we ensure that every corner of your new home in Tulsa will be a testament to quality and refinement. 

As you explore what it means to live luxuriously, remember that the magic really begins with a blueprint—a blueprint tailored specifically for you, crafted with care and precision by our team. This introduction serves as your first step toward realizing the dream of a luxe custom home, designed and built to flourish amidst Tulsa’s unique cultural and geographical landscape.

What Defines a Luxurious Custom Home in Tulsa?

When we talk about luxury, it’s not just about the high-end materials or the size of a home; it’s about how well it aligns with the lifestyle and preferences of those who dwell within. For us, a luxurious custom home in Tulsa means a residence where every detail has been meticulously planned and executed to ensure comfort, beauty, and functionality.

From spacious, open living areas that promote family gatherings to tranquil, private spaces that foster relaxation, every aspect of the home is designed to enrich your life. Moreover, we embrace the natural beauty of Tulsa by incorporating elements that blend seamlessly with the surroundings, using large windows and outdoor living spaces to bring the natural charm indoors.

Key Features of Our Custom Homes That Elevate Your Lifestyle

  1. Smart Home Technology: Embrace modern living with state-of-the-art home automation systems that simplify everyday tasks. From intelligent lighting and climate control to security systems you can manage from anywhere in the world, we integrate technology that enhances your home’s functionality and security.
  2. Master Suites That Rival Any Spa: Imagine starting and ending your day in a space that feels like a personal retreat. Our custom homes feature lavish master suites with spacious walk-in closets, spa-like bathrooms, and bespoke finishes, creating a private haven within your home.
  3. Chef’s Kitchen: Whether you love to entertain or enjoy intimate family meals, our custom kitchens are designed to cater to your culinary needs. Featuring professional-grade appliances, abundant counter space, and custom cabinetry, each kitchen is crafted to be both beautiful and functional.
  4. Eco-Friendly Features: Sustainability is at the forefront of our designs. We employ energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly building materials, and innovative designs that reduce your home’s environmental footprint while saving you money on utility bills.

By focusing on these key aspects, we ensure that every custom home we build is not only a place to live but a place to thrive. Each space is carefully crafted to enhance your lifestyle, blending luxury with practicality in a way that makes your dream home a reality.

Step-by-Step: Designing Your Dream Custom Home with Us

Embarking on the journey to design your custom home with us is a collaborative and exciting process. The first step always starts with you—your dreams, your needs, and your vision. We initiate the process with a detailed consultation to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and the functionalities you need in your new home. This understanding forms the foundation of our design strategy, ensuring that the end result truly reflects you. Once we’ve captured your vision, our expert architects draft initial designs, incorporating your feedback every step of the way to refine and perfect the plan.

Moreover, we know choosing materials and finishes is crucial in making your home uniquely yours. We guide you through selecting everything from the type of wood for your cabinets to the tiles for your baths, ensuring these elements not only look great but also function well for your lifestyle. By applying our expansive knowledge of current trends and classic styles alongside top-grade materials, we ensure durability without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Living in Tulsa: The Advantages of Custom Homes in This Vibrant City

Living in a custom home in Tulsa offers more than a personalized living space; it provides a connection to a dynamic community rich with history and modern amenities. Tulsa is known for its lush green spaces, comprehensive trail systems, and vibrant arts scene, making it a unique backdrop for any custom home. Our tailored properties maximize these local advantages, integrating outdoor and indoor living spaces that capitalize on Tulsa’s beautiful landscapes and weather.

Moreover, the area’s economic stability and growth mean investing in a custom home here is not only a personal investment but also a wise financial decision. The community’s support for diverse architectural styles and innovations allows us the freedom to craft truly unique homes that are both a financial asset and a personal sanctuary. Investing in a custom home in Tulsa is investing in a lifestyle supported by a community that values both progress and tradition.


If you’re ready to take the step towards luxury living in a home designed just for you, consider us at Banner Custom Homes. We are committed to turning your dreams into reality with meticulous attention to detail and a personalized approach. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a minimalist modern style or a grand traditional design, your perfect custom home in Tulsa awaits. Contact us today at Banner Custom Homes to begin your journey toward sophisticated, personalized living. Let’s build the dream together!