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Doing as you please in your home is the dream for any homeowner. To achieve that goal, however, your home must suit all of your needs first. Having a home that suits your needs means it must have the right furnishings down to the design and features of the house itself.

Obviously, any homeowner would want the most modern and trending interior design options that are available. Aside from the look and feel of the design, it also has to be functional to some degree.

This article lists some of the best interior design features that can make your home feel luxurious. Read on below to learn more.

Smart Home Technology

A home isn’t considered luxurious unless it has smart home technology installed. It used to be a thing that’s only seen in the movies, but it’s now a reality—being able to control your home through voice commands or a simple push of a button.

The easiest way to integrate smart home technology in your home is through smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Aside from that, you can also get smart appliances such as lights, outlets, vacuum cleaners, and thermostats.

Heated Floors

Heated floors are one of the first and foremost luxury home features for a good reason. After all, wouldn’t you want to step on a warm floor after a shower? While heated floors are usually found in the bathroom, it’s applicable to almost any room.

For an extra measure, you can also heat your carpet to amp up the coziness. Aside from the comfort, heated floors also add value to any home. 

Wood Beam Ceiling Accents

Accents add an extra layer of design to any home. If you’re looking for the best accent to add to your home, then your best choice would be wooden beam ceiling accents. Wooden beam ceiling accents are excellent because they also serve as a focal point for your living room aside from their decorative functions.

Regardless of the wood variant you want, be it timber or recycled wood, it will always come out good. To increase the wow factor, you add other kinds of wood as well.

Hardwood Floors

Not straying far from the topic of wood and flooring, hardwood floors are something that’s considered high-value when found in any home. The simple reason is that they’re durable and easy to clean.

Hardwood floors in kitchens are preferred because it’s comfortable on the feet and give an antique-like style. In general, hardwood floors have been a long-lasting trend that has stood the test of time, and it won’t go away anytime soon.

Ornate Floor Doors

First impressions matter. Even that applies to your house. Sure, it can be looked at from outside, but it’s always better to look at it up close, and the door does that. Ornate front doors can have glass and iron details, and they also vary from a height between 6 to 8 feet.

A Covered Porch

If you have a porch, it’s recommended that you have it covered. A covered porch is always a relaxing spot to enjoy an afternoon, all the while adding extra space to your home. In essence, a covered porch is an excellent way to bring the outdoors closer to you, and you can enjoy just sitting there regardless of the time of the year.

Stone Accents on Your Home’s Exterior

Similar to wooden accents indoors, stone accents are an excellent choice of decoration for the outdoors. Stone accents are low-maintenance and add a natural touch to your home.

To maximize stone accents, you can mix stone and brick for a wainscotting effect. This gives your home a more natural touch that improves on the natural appeal that stone already gives.


Luxury features in a home will make the homeowner feel proud of it. Not only will it serve you well, but it will also give a good impression on your guests the next time you host a gathering. You should always find the best features that will fit your home to maximize them.

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