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For some, imagining their dream house is easy. They can start enumerating how many rooms they want, what kind of furniture they need, where they plan to place the pool, and where the whole family would hang to relax and catch up. For others, thinking about their forever home can be tricky. They may get overwhelmed with the ideas that they fail to come up with. 

When it comes to designing your house, imagination is not the only important thing. It would be best if it meets your budget and needs. Those are the elements that would shape your imagined house into a better and practical home for the whole family. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Get a Pen and Paper

When coming up with a design, you do not need a 3D design immediately. You first need to have a clear idea of what you want. Start by making a list. For this step, do not set limitations yet. Just put all the ideas you have on the paper. You can always strike out unnecessary things later. 

  • Think About the Purpose of the House

People build houses for different reasons. Some plan to stay for a few years, while others plan to live in it forever. Before you proceed with your home design plan, think about what you want its purpose to be. Are you planning to have a small family live in it? Are you going to bring your aging parents and let them live with you? Are you planning to host gatherings with the whole family? Are you planning to work from home for a long time?

All the answers to these questions can affect how your house should turn out. Therefore, you have to make decisions before you finalize every room and detail that you should incorporate.

  • Consider the Location

Usually, the home designing process comes once you already know the size and location of your target house. Since you already have these details in mind, do not forget to consider them as well. Where does the sun shine from at your place? Does it face beautiful scenery? You might want to adjust your orientation depending on your house’s placement and location. 

  • Decide on Which Features You Want to Keep

Now, it is time to make a decision. Based on your location, the size of your home, how many rooms you can do, your long-term plans, and your estimated budget, what are the things from the list that are non-negotiables? How about the nice-to-have items that you can remove for now?

  • Keep the Flow in Mind

Your designer can help make everything more fluid for you. The flow is the best part of every floor plan and home design. It is all about how the designer makes every occupant move freely within their given space. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with the space they are given and go back and forth with ease.


Thinking about your dream house can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. But more than making a wishlist, it involves carefully checking your priorities. It is identifying which is realistic and which goes in with the budget. It is thinking about the function and flow of every room and all of the things that can make it homier. 

Every home should be a place where people would feel comfortable and proud, so make sure that you are happy with the house you would live in. Make the right decision and build your own house with us! Banner Custom Homes has been making homeowners’ dream houses come true for more than 35 years now. We build custom houses from start to finish so that people can enjoy their space. Call us at (918) 724-6356.