House Planning

A custom-built home gives you more say over the design, architecture, and floor plan than an existing home. Thus, house planning is crucial for determining the kind of home you want for now and for the future.

Functional floor plans necessitate careful design and planning. It is the bedrock of everyday family life. The design must have a functional room layout. Throughout the day, each location performs a specific function. So that each room on a house floor design can be properly positioned. Ample area and space contribute to a comfortable household environment.

Read on to discover more about house planning and what to think about for room positioning.

Think about the Size of Your Residence

Home design is dominated by scale, while the size is determined by budget. Once you’ve decided on a budget, you can decide on the size of the house you want to build.

The majority of custom house clients select a floor plan between 1,200 to 2,700 square feet, with 2,200 square feet being the most popular.

Think about the Types of Rooms Will You Need

You probably have an idea of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your custom house, as well as whether you want a formal dining room or one that is open to the kitchen and family area. However, you should think about the following aspects that you could want now or in the future, such as a home office, a patio, utility rooms, and the entrance of your home.

How you live and what you do the most may help you choose the best floor plan for your own home. Consider whether you want extra rooms, a connected or detached garage, or a guest room.

A room’s placement should also maximize sunlight. Room arrangement and passive solar orientation are inextricably linked. The best room placement makes use of this light and heat source. A room’s location is determined by its purpose, time of day, and season (winter, spring, summer, fall). With so many possibilities, how can we plan the room layout of a custom home?

Think about the Room Configurations

The sunrise is in the east while the sunset is in the west. When positioning rooms, it is critical to consider the sun’s seasonal and directional patterns. The sun rises in the southeast during the winter. The southern sky is cloudy from late morning until early evening. At dusk, the sun sets toward the southwest. The summer sun rises directly to the north. It rises in the south and sets in the northwestern sky. The building’s solar-gain side must face south. Throughout the year, your home should benefit from solar heat (in the winter) and natural light.

Assessing the Right Floor Plan

Consider Your Lifestyle

When designing a new home, you must consider your lifestyle. Your new home should make your favorite hobbies easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. Rather than striving to change your lifestyle, you should choose an approach that compliments it.

This might also change the design of your kitchen. The appliances you need will vary depending on your cooking style. 

The arrangement of your home may be influenced by how you entertain. If you prefer casual entertaining in the kitchen and dining room, go with an open floor plan. If you enjoy intimate dinner parties, choose a floor plan with a separate dining area. 

Know Your Room Requirements

Don’t forget about your room requirements and the size that you may need down the line. While it is never a good idea to acquire more housing than is necessary, expanding into existing space is far easier and less expensive.

Keep the Future in Mind

Your space needs may alter as time goes by. Consider house elements that will keep you secure and comfortable as you approach retirement (such as single-level living).


Building a home is more than just having a home. Creating a space you can live in matters when it comes to achieving optimal quality of life. Now that you know what to consider in terms of room positioning and choosing the right floor plan, you can decide the kind of space and design that may work for you now and in the future.

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