Building a custom home offers the unique opportunity to create an energy-efficient home and style your space exactly how you want it. 

Besides selecting the best materials, the right custom home builders can transform your dream into a reality. And the best way to determine who best suits your needs is to schedule interviews with them. 

If you want to complete the project early, this article will list some questions to ask yourself and your potential custom home builders. We’ll also enumerate some red flags to watch out for during the interviews. 

Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself

Before interviewing custom home builders, ask about architect plans, designs, preferred neighborhoods, budget, and timeline. 

Best Questions to Ask Your Potential Home Builder

When interviewing a custom home builder, ask questions about their proposal, budget, deposit, and payment method. You should also inquire about their experience, supervisors, communication skills, project timeline, and warranty. 

11 Warning Signs of an Unreliable Custom Home Builder

This section will enumerate 11 red flags to spot during your interviews. 

1. Unfavorable Work History 

Before selecting a custom home builder, always check if they have good references and reviews from clients who have previously worked with them. Find another contractor if they have mostly negative reviews or a bad track record. 

2. Pushy or Forceful Behavior 

Another warning sign of a lousy custom home builder is if they’re being overly aggressive to get you to make a decision. On the other hand, a reputable contractor will be patient and can respect your wishes.

3. Poor Communication

If your prospective custom home builder responds slowly to your calls and messages, you’ll encounter communication problems when you begin construction, which will cause potential delays in the project timeline. 

4. Vague or Confusing Builder’s Price per Square Foot

Your builder must explain how much they charge per square foot, and you must ensure they don’t have any hidden fees or confusing additional costs. Otherwise, you’re better off looking for another contractor. 

5. No Proof of Certificates, Licenses, or Insurance

Before working with contractors, you must ensure they have the proper licenses and insurance coverage. Ask them if they can show paperwork to ensure they can legally and safely proceed with the project. Don’t consider them if they can’t provide proof because hiring unlicensed and uninsured workers can be dangerous and costly.

6. Lump Sum Discount Offers 

When a contractor asks for a large amount of money before starting the project or offers a discount for an upfront payment, it could mean they’re in financial trouble or trying to scam you. 

7. Poorly Written Contracts

Never sign a poorly written contract. Before agreeing to an interview, ask the builder for a written agreement and ensure they tailor it to your needs.

8. Heavy Reliance on Allowances for the Final Bid 

Regardless of the project’s complexity, the company bidding must provide an accurate cost estimate. If they can’t do this, it shows they won’t take the task seriously or know how to estimate the cost correctly. 

9. Unresolved Claims 

A builder with too many unresolved claims with the State Contractors Board indicates that they haven’t finished their projects or received deposits.

10. Offer Discounts to Use Your Home for Advertising

Beware of builders that ask if they can use your home for their portfolio and offer discounts because they may be desperate for business.

11. The Proposed Price Is Lower than Others You’ve Received

A too-good-to-be-true price may indicate an inexperienced builder or a company going bankrupt. Always read the reviews and get feedback to ensure you get quality service at a fair price. 

Final Thoughts

You deserve a home you can proudly call yours. You can achieve the best results from this project by asking your prospective custom home builders the right questions and watching out for red flags of an unreliable company. 

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