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Is it better to have custom-built homes than renovate an existing home build? Despite the increasing costs of home building, the answer is yes. Custom-built homes allow homeowners to control the design, construction process, and specifications they need to meet the family lifestyle and preferences. 

Custom-built homes can also be designed to be more energy-efficient, so you save more money on new home construction in the long run. One of these modern preferences among homeowners is to have multiple entertainment areas that enable them to host family and friends right in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Especially in these times, going out to celebrate may not be as safe and enjoyable as it used to be. Here are five key areas to highlight as entertainment hubs in your custom-built home:

1. Entertainment Room

You can easily jazz up your custom-built home with a complete entertainment room! You can choose to have a game room where you can place a billiard table, foosball table, and the like as a focal point of the room. You can also mount a dartboard on one wall or incorporate a board game area where your family or guests can prop on bean bags and low-level couches over a game of chess, Monopoly, card games, and the like.

You also have the freedom to make the entertainment room a mini home theater, which means it has to be soundproof. Make sure that there are adequate seating spaces in the room for relaxing and entertaining.

2. Living Room

When custom building and designing your living room, include enough space and furnishings for entertaining. It’s ideal to have multiple gathering areas. Provide many areas to roam, hang out, have private discussions, and meet new people. 

Your home may not be set up for daily entertainment, but you can always rearrange the furniture for a larger gathering.

3. Open Plan Dining and Kitchen

If your living room cannot fit all of your visitors, keep in mind that guests wind up in the dining room and kitchen anyway. It’s essential to select an expandable dining table to seat more people when necessary. If you don’t like expandable tables, opt for stunning fold-out tables that can be placed next to your main dining table.

An open floor plan in your kitchen and dining area helps address space issues when hosting a large group. An open concept kitchen creates a bigger space that can accommodate the overflow of guests from other areas of your home. 

4. Wet Bar

Installing the wet bar between high-traffic areas such as the living room and dining room is an excellent option for creating a customized space that you and your guests can easily access.

Make sure your wet bar has its own sink to wash and rinse glasses in between drinks. You may also include a prep area for making drinks, cabinet space for keeping bar supplies, a fridge, and even a bar table where you can seat more guests if other entertainment spaces in your home are already congested. 

5. Outdoor Spaces

Install an accessible covered porch to increase the entertainment options in your house. When the weather is nice, your visitors can enjoy the outdoors while still close enough to go inside if it gets chilly or rains.  

Additionally, you may build a fire pit to keep your visitors warm on those chilly evenings and an outdoor kitchen, ideal for afternoon barbecue gatherings and as an expansion of your cooking area when needed.


Many homeowners are turning their abodes into staycation sanctuaries, where families and friends can gather without fear of pandemic restrictions and health risks. Whether you want to resell your home in the future or simply pass it on to your beneficiaries, it pays to have a home that increases in value each year, and a house built for entertaining can surely do that for your property.

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