colorful home interior

Every generation has its unique style. Each decade has a distinctive residential color scheme, from the bright and bold colors of the ’80s to the more subdued tones of the ’90s. Every locale has its own aesthetic steeped in history—and Broken Arrow is no exception. 

Color preferences differ from one person to another. Just as some people prefer different colors for their clothing, others may select different colors for their cars or homes. Some people may even have a favorite color.

Personality also plays a role in color preference. For example, someone who is outgoing may prefer brighter colors, while someone more introverted may prefer calmer colors. Of course, many other factors, such as culture, upbringing, and experiences, can influence color preference. But ultimately, it comes down to what each individual finds aesthetically pleasing.

Creating a cohesive color flow throughout your home can be a great way to tie together different design elements and make your space feel more put together. Communicating your color preference with your hired custom home builder is critical. When creating a cohesive color flow, a few pointers include choosing a color scheme and using similar colors throughout your space.

Pick a Flow-Through Paint

A seasoned custom home builder can help you choose a flow-through paint that will make a cohesive color scheme. A flow-through paint is a type of paint that is applied in a continuous, uninterrupted motion.

Selecting a color that will flow smoothly from one area to the next is vital to achieving a cohesive color scheme. A flow-through paint can help you to accomplish this by creating a smooth, uninterrupted transition between colors.

In addition to helping you to create a cohesive color scheme, flow-through paint can also help you to achieve a variety of other looks. For example, you can use flow-through paint to create an accent wall. An accent wall is painted differently than the rest of the walls in a room. It can help make a room’s focal point and add visual interest.

Flow-through paint can be a brilliant option to add interest to a room. You can create various looks using flow-through paint to make a room more visually appealing.

Pay Attention to Sightliness

One critical component to pay attention to is sightlines. It refers to the line of sight between different elements in a room and how they relate. People often need to pay attention to sightlines when designing their homes. It can result in a cluttered and unorganized space, and it can be tricky to create a cohesive design.

When you plan your design, it is necessary to think about how each element will relate to the others. You need to consider how individuals will move through the space and what they can see as they are doing so. 

There are a few different ways to achieve good sightlines in your design. One is to use symmetry, which can create a sense of order and balance. Another is to use a focal point, which will draw the eye and help to define the space.

Seasoned custom home builders can also use color and texture to create visually exciting sightlines. By using different materials and finishes, you can add depth and dimension to your space. Paying attention to sightlines is an integral part of creating a well-designed room. You can create a cohesive and stylish design by considering how each element relates to the others.


A cohesive color flow throughout your home can be achieved by considering the following factors:

  • The colors of your walls, furniture, and accessories.
  • The lighting in each room.
  • The way the rooms flow into each other.

Of course, the factors included in this article. By considering these factors, you can create a color scheme that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

You can ensure a smooth color scheme throughout your house with the help of Banner Custom Homes. As custom home builders in Broken Arrow, we will create a cohesive color palette and ensure your house’s functionality. So, contact us now to start designing.