The style of your front porch can affect how appealing your home looks from the street, what kind of décor you can use, and whether you can use the porch at all. 

There are different types of porches you can choose from, so it should be easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. Here are a few examples of porch types to consider for your custom home:

1) Portico 

Portico porches are often used as the main entrance to a home. This type of porch is most commonly seen around Colonial homes and is usually quite large, usually being one and a half times the length of the front of the home. 

Many have columns to add to their grand look and to give them a strong foundation. These spanned porches are often used to act as a shelter for those coming in and out of the home, and may also have double doors.

2) Wrap-Around Porch

A wrap-around porch is a larger alternative to your typical front porch. These porches surround the front and back of the home and offer more floor room than other porches. 

Many of these porches have multiple levels and can include different kinds of furniture, such as a swing or a chair. A wrap-around porch can be quite expensive to build due to its size and architectural design, but if you have room for one, it can be a great way to add to your home’s curb appeal.

3) Covered Front Porch

A covered front porch is a traditional front porch style that is a good alternative to the wrap-around porch if you don’t have the extra room. These porches offer the same style as the wrap-around porch but are not as large, so they are easier to build and they are less likely to cause your home to look crowded. 

While this porch style is an attractive addition to your home, it is not always the best option for those with mobility issues because it can be difficult to navigate.

4) Open Stoop Porch

An open stoop porch is a front porch that you usually see on a New York-style townhome. Unlike other front porch styles, these porches are usually located at the bottom of the staircase and offer a more private entryway for the homeowner. 

These porches are usually located under the front window and are not as wide as other porch styles. They usually have just room for a small bench but are great if you want a cozy and private entrance to your home.

5) Farmer’s Porch

A farmer’s porch is an enclosed porch that has a patio door to let the homeowner get away from the elements when needed. This style is often used for homes on farms or in rural areas, and it is a great way for homeowners to make use of the space in small homes. 

This porch style is also a good choice for those who want to use their porches to grow food, as the farmer’s porch is a versatile space that can be used for several different purposes.


Front porches are a great addition to any type of custom home and will make your home stand out from others on the street. They offer great curb appeal to attract buyers and they are also a space that you can use to make your home more functional.

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