When you’re building a custom house, one of the rooms you want to make impeccable is the bathroom. Since you have the liberty to choose everything about what it will look like, there are seemingly endless things to consider. 

Some of the most important factors include:

How Many Bathrooms Do You Want to Have?

American homes generally have three bathrooms or fewer. The usual ratio is two bathrooms for each residence with three bedrooms. Some have one and a half bathrooms, which some families would consider crowded. 

The most important factor to consider, though, would be how many people inhabit your house. When many individuals are living in one household, there should be more bathrooms for everyone to use. For example, if you are a growing family that expects to have more children as time goes by, you need to consider how your house will accommodate these changes. Families that are planning to have more children should include at least one extra bathroom in their plan.

If you plan on eventually putting your house on the market, then you should consider adding more bathrooms. The higher the quantity, the more valuable your property becomes. More bathrooms also work perfectly well if you want to entertain many guests, especially those who wish to stay overnight. If they want privacy, then they will indeed have it.

What Will Be the Configuration of Each Bathroom?

Figuring out the configuration for each of your bathrooms is the next step of the process. Most bathrooms that are near the entrance are usually a half-bath with a toilet and sink. In contrast, bathrooms near bedrooms have a full bath, making it easier for the household members to shower or bathe and get ready for the day.

When you’re planning a custom-built home, consider building double sinks and makeup vanities for your bathrooms. Adding these features will make each bathroom in your home even more functional.

Do You Want to Install Full or Half Baths?

Both full and half bathrooms play an essential role in each household. They exist to make your house more efficient and comfortable for its residents. Now, figuring out which one to install can be tricky. You need to consider your family’s size, lifestyle, and how often you will have guests over. Most of the best builders in Tulsa would suggest that you have both installed in your residence.

Half bathrooms are great for guests who want to relieve themselves or freshen up. Full bathrooms located near sleeping areas are ideal for the personal use of the household. You can choose to have both or just full bathrooms. Of course, the choice will always be yours.

What Kind of Bath or Shower Will Each Full Bathroom Have?

The best builders in Tulsa would say that a tub with a shower is appropriate for many bathrooms. Some homeowners, though, are okay with a simple walk-in shower unit. If you have enough space, it would be an excellent choice to have a separate walk-in shower and freestanding tub. To find out what works best for you, consult a custom home builder you can trust.


Bathrooms are one of the areas in your home that you can consider a relaxing space or turn into a must-see room when entertaining guests. When you’re working with your custom home builder, then you can ensure that the impeccable layouts and designs you have in mind will be fully realized and executed.

At Banner Custom Homes, we make your vision of your dream home a reality. With decades’ worth of experience in home construction and residential household design, we can easily be considered one of the best builders in Tulsa. If you are interested in working with us, reach out today!