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A double vanity is bathroom vanity with two sinks. A double vanity takes up at least 30 inches of width. It is remodeled to complement a 60-inch sink to provide space for two faucets, two mirrors, and enough room to get close to the mirror. This includes a minimum of 18″ between the two sinks and a maximum of 24 inches.

Of course, before you make this decision, it’s essential to consider a few things first. This article will go through the top things you need to consider before getting a double vanity.

Here’s what you need to know:

Size and Space

The size of your bathroom and the space available for a double vanity will determine the size of the double vanity you will get. However, a single mirror or double sink usually suffices in a small bathroom. However, if you want to get a double vanity that fits perfectly, then the size of the bathroom will play a role, especially if you wish all the sink areas to be sturdy and usable.

But if you want a double vanity with two sinks, then the bathroom must fit the size and the height of the overall sink. It is essential to consider the measurement of a full-sized double sink. The single sink is usually half the width of a double sink.


Although a double sink can fit almost anywhere in the bathroom, it is best to place it at the corner or where the walls or the mirror meet. This gives you the most room to maneuver around it. If there is no corner available, look for the most spacious area in the bathroom where two sinks will fit.


Now you have to consider the plumbing. To determine the plumbing, you have to determine the size of your supply and return lines for water.

Another thing to note is the distance between the sinks and the floor. Usually, it is standardized that the two sinks should be mounted between 24 to 26″ above the finished floor. This way, you will not have to bend down too much or get down to wash your hands or face.

You should also consider the fittings and tubing that connect the supply and return lines when it comes to distance. These are usually mounted directly under the sinks.

Style, Design, and Material

The design and style of the double vanity are other things to consider before buying. You can purchase one with a mirror with two sinks or a single sink and a mirror. They are not much different so you can choose either of these. However, a mirror with a sink is easier to install and cheaper.

It is also a good idea to look at the material of the double vanity before buying. If your home is furnished with woodwork, a double wood vanity would fit. However, if your home is equipped with marble or granite, a double granite vanity would suit it better.

The Bottom Line

Double vanities are great additions to your bathroom. However, before buying one, you need to consider a few things, including the material, size, plumbing, and overall design and style. If you have a remodel lined up in your home, you should also consider the placement of your double vanity. Keep these things in mind before you buy one of these.

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