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When looking at a property, first impressions are essential. From the location of the property to the property’s features, everything will contribute to a home’s aesthetic. Perhaps just as significantly, they will contribute to a home’s curb appeal.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the term we use to describe how a property looks from the street. It is the visual impact your property has on someone who passes by. It is also an essential component of the home buying process, especially when you consider that many homebuyers choose a home based on its outward appearance.

Instead of looking at design fads, you need to weigh how a property’s curb appeal will have a lasting impact on your investment. This is why it’s vital to be particular about the properties you buy.

If you need some pointers, here’s some advice to help you select properties with great curb appeal:

1. Look for Symmetry

Symmetry is an important characteristic of a property with good curb appeal. That’s because humans are naturally drawn to things that are balanced and identical on either side. That’s why a property with poor symmetry, like a building that is taller on one side than the other, will have a weaker impact on a passerby. Symmetry is essential when you choose a home, so make sure the best features of your property align along a central axis.

2. Tiny Details, Big Results

It’s often the details that will contribute plenty to a property’s curb appeal. These details can be as small as a house number, paint color, or a beautiful landscape on the front lawn. While big details will have an impact, small details can be equally important and effective at increasing curb appeal.

3. Identify an Important Feature

There is usually one feature of your property that will likely have the most significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Whether it’s the lawn, the hedges, or the garage, identify the feature that makes a home different from the rest. This is the feature that you should focus on when planning for a property with curb appeal.

4. Front Door Magic

The front door is a big deal. It’s the first thing you see when you look at home. Whether it’s a painted door, a solid door, or a door with a stained glass window, a property’s front door is one of the most important features a passerby will see. Give your front door some thought, as it will be a notable element in your home’s design.

5. Beautiful Lawns Are In

Homebuyers are always attracted to a home with a well-kept lawn. In fact, the lawn is so important that it is a determining factor in many people’s home-buying decisions. If you want to choose a home with curb appeal, try looking for one with a nice lawn.


Curb appeal is an important aspect of the home buying process. It is an element that can really make an impact on potential home buyers and home sellers alike. Take the time to identify the features of a property and understand its curb appeal better. This will help you make the most value of an investment as large as a home purchase.

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