People want their homes to be unique for many reasons. Maybe they want their home to stand out from the rest on their street. Maybe they want it to be a reflection of their style. Whatever the reason, there are ways to make any home unique. 

There are various ways to do this, especially with custom homes in Tulsa. Try these and see how they elevate your property:

Add Hidden Rooms

A hidden room is a room that is not easily accessible or visible and is usually concealed within another room or space. Hidden rooms can be used for various purposes, such as storage, privacy, or secret passage. People often build these secret spaces for added security or aesthetic appeal.

This space is a great way to add intrigue and excitement to your home. A secret room can be a great addition to your home, whether hidden behind a bookcase or inside a closet. You can build a unique and special space to impress your guests by thinking outside the box.

Add a Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is an underground room or vault where wine is stored, with temperatures and humidity that help preserve the wine. Placing a spiral staircase inside a wine cellar is a great way to make your wine collection stand out. It also makes it more accessible and easier to navigate.

Make a Mudroom

An ample drop zone or mudroom means having a lot of space to put things like coats, shoes, and sporting equipment without worrying about dirt and mud scattering all over the place. Many home builders are starting to build mudrooms that are much bigger than before to accommodate this need. To make your new construction stand out, you can try building built-in lockers or shelves in the mudroom to give it a more permanent and distinguished look.

The large mudroom must be functional and stylish when designing it for custom homes. The space should be organized so that it is easy to move around in and that there is plenty of storage for the family’s outdoor gear. The mudroom should also be easy to clean so that it can be kept looking neat and tidy.

Step up with Stairs

If you want to add creativity to your home, consider building a staircase with some funky designs. This will create a visual focal point in your home that will impress guests. Following a more traditional design path, stairs can also be used for hidden storage. No matter your style, stairs are an incredibly versatile part of your home, so get creative!

Pay Attention to the Ceiling

Ceiling design can often be overlooked, but it can make or break the overall look of a room. Consider experimenting with different ceiling designs if you want to add extra oomph to custom homes. From arched ceilings to recessed lighting, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your ceiling and give your home a unique touch.

If you’re unsure what color to paint it, try matching the ceiling to the trim or molding around the room. This will give the area a cohesive, organized look.

The Conclusion for Custom Homes

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