floor plans

Creating your own customized design for your home is nothing short of a thrilling experience. Working with a skilled construction professional will allow you to implement unique ideas and aspects of the build to meet your family’s wants and needs for your home. 

However, the experience may also be somewhat overwhelming and stressful. This is because of all the possible designs and floor plan options you may opt to include in your build. 

Build a Floor Plan Your Family Can Live in for Years to Come

Creating a custom-built floor plan and home that is tailored to your family’s needs may seem like a daunting task. However, if you know how to handle it, you will be able to build a home that will require little to no renovation or changes over the years you will be living there. Here are a few of the best tips to employ when you are in the middle of mapping out your future home’s blueprint and floor plan. 

1 – Consider How Your Home Will Be Built on Your Lot

The first thing you need to consider is how your home is going to fit in your lot. Making sure that you have the right dimensions and looking into where in the lot the house is going to be placed will matter.

2 – What Lifestyle Do You Have?

It is always nice to incorporate a little bit of “you” into your home. Do you like to lift weights? If so, consider adding a home gym to your floor plan. Do you have children who play musical instruments? You may want to add a music room for them. Look into all the aspects of your lifestyle and try to see where those lifestyle choices can fit into your build. 

3 – Buy Good-Quality Windows

One of the most repaired parts of a home is its windows. Investing in good windows at the beginning of the build will likely help you avoid having the need to have them replaced later on. 

4 – Consider Your Needs Down the Road

It is also vital to look into the possible needs of your family that will materialize later on. If you are planning to have children, it is wise to build extra rooms in your home. It is essential that your needs will continue to be met down the line, even after years of being built. 

5 – Work Closely with Your Builder

To ensure that you are able to get all the aspects of your build exactly to your standards and expectations, it is a must that you work closely with your builder. These professionals will be able to ensure that all your wants and needs for your house will be met. 


Creating a floor plan will help guide you in building the home of your dreams. The key to being able to do this successfully is to know what you want and need in your home. Taking into account what you and your family need along with selecting a reliable construction company to work with will ensure that the home you build will be one that you will love to live in for many years. 

Whatever your vision of the perfect home may be, we can build it. Banner Custom Homes has decades of experience in home construction, general home contracting, and residential household design. Work with the best Tulsa builders by contacting us today!