A fireplace surround is a decorative structure that goes around your fireplace. It usually has a mantle, a shelf, or a ledge that you can use to display decorative items, protect your walls from smoke and heat, and add to the look and feel of your living space. 

The fuel you’ll use will depend on what design you’ll ask your custom home builders to create. A traditional wood-burning fireplace gives a more rustic look, while gas logs offer a warm, comfortable atmosphere. 

A fireplace can keep you warm and comfortable all year round, regardless of your style. This article will discuss what a mantel is, what works best for your home, and things you should consider when getting a fireplace surround. We’ll also enumerate what materials custom home builders may use to construct it. 

What Is a Mantel?

A mantel usually hangs from the wall studs or is on a built-in shelf. Fireplace surrounds consist of two columns attached to either side of the mantel and can be either flat or column style. A variation of column style is cabinet style, which can also serve as a storage or wall unit.

What Kind of Mantel Works Best for Your Home?

Your mantel’s type will highly depend on your needs and your home’s design. Your custom home builders can provide you with different options, such as traditional or contemporary looks. They may also offer custom designs so you can tailor them to your unique taste. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Fireplace Surround

When choosing or asking your custom home builders to create your fireplace surround, you must consider the hearth’s size, your room’s size and purpose, existing woodwork, heating source, and furniture style and taste. 

You must also secure the safety clearance requirements. Otherwise, you’ll risk your family and property for fire, health hazards, and building code violations. 

6 Common Materials of a Fireplace Surround 

Choosing the suitable materials for your fireplace surround can create a welcoming and inviting environment in your living space. This section enumerates six materials that can remain resilient over time. 

  1. Steel

Steel is a versatile material custom home builders can use to create different looks for a room, such as a modern or industrial aesthetic. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. 

Manufacturers usually coat this metal with a protective layer to give it a specific look and increase durability by applying enamel paint or a powder coat. Enamel paint provides the steel with the desired color, while the powder coat makes it transparent and gives a hard-wearing coating. 

  1. Concrete

Concrete fireplace surrounds are a great way to update a contemporary interior. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes and are durable and retain heat. They are also affordable and easy to install.

  1. Stone

A stone fireplace surround can add a cozy, rustic vibe to your interior space. It keeps the surrounding area of your fireplace warm and is available in different styles and varieties for customization. 

  1. Tile 

Tile works best for creating an affordable, customized fireplace surround. It’s available in different materials, colors, sizes, and textures and is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. 

  1. Brick 

Bricks are a versatile material for interior design, offering different colors and shapes to create warm, classic looks. You can use them in modern and traditional interiors and arrange them in various patterns to add texture.

  1. Wood

Wood is a favorite for fireplace surrounds because their cost-effective and durable. Make sure your local building codes allow wood surrounds.

Final Thoughts 

A fireplace surround will enable you to enjoy a warm and comfortable home all year round. Selecting the best materials and working with reputable custom home builders can help increase your property value. 

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