Owning a forever home is a dream that many people aspire to achieve. This lifelong investment brings you better stability than living in an apartment. It’s also one of the perfect places to create cherished memories with family and friends. 

While there’s nothing wrong with having a conventional living space, sometimes homeowners want something unique. Therefore, now’s the perfect time to work with professional contractors and create your dream custom home. As you plan for this incoming project, you may wonder what upgrades to add to your property. 

If you’re ready to add the wow factor to your comfortable living space, this article will enumerate some must-add upgrades to place in your custom home. 

1. A Dedicated Laundry Room 

Many homeowners prefer having a separate laundry space, a recently popular feature. If you’ve considered getting one for your house, it’s a worthwhile investment because it can help keep your kitchen and bathroom clean from laundry-related clutter. This new space also allows you to add convenient features to make the laundry smoother.

If you have an unfinished basement, consider using the space to create a laundry room since the necessary utility lines are likely already present. This option is usually cheaper than adding a laundry room in other parts of your custom home. 

2. A Relaxing Sunroom 

There’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying your favorite drink while gazing at a stunning sky. And you can savor this delightful moment even indoors by adding a sunroom and conservatory. These rooms are a fantastic home addition that serves many purposes. You can enjoy it year-round by adding a four-season sunroom when designing a custom home. 

You can also add a smartly heated and cooled sunroom. While it may cost more, it’s worth the investment because it provides year-round comfort for creating happy memories.

3. A Functional but Stylish Home Office

Despite the easing restrictions, some people may still need or want to work from home regularly because of the convenience. And you can seize this opportunity to transform your spare room into a functional and appealing home office by adding space-saving built-in furniture, an ergonomic chair and desk, and decorative elements like plants and prints. However, if you want privacy while enjoying your backyard’s beautiful view, you can ask your contractors to build a separate custom home office.

4. A Patio with a Custom-Built Pergola 

When you visit your home’s back, you could transform it into a peaceful sanctuary to relax with your loved ones or enjoy some quiet moments alone. A customized outdoor area like a patio is ideal for staying safe while enjoying the outdoors during the pandemic. It’s also the perfect way to soak up your locality’s weather all year. 

Moreover, adding a structure like a gazebo or a pergola will shade you and your loved one during the hot summer months and shelter during rainy weather. 

5. A Garage Doubling as a Storage Space

Custom homeowners can transform their garage into an ideal storage space for items they don’t immediately need, like holiday decorations, tools, and games. This home addition can help keep your main living space neat and clutter-free. However, you must keep your garage tidy and well-organized to easily access everything you store there.

6. An Outdoor Pool with Moonlighting Features

Swimming helps you cool off during hot summers, and you can enjoy that by having a pool near your custom home’s kitchen door. Depending on your yard size and budget, your personalized swimming area can be simple or luxurious. You should also consider the lighting around the pool when designing it. 

Final Thoughts 

All homeowners deserve to live in a comfortable and functional custom home. You can transform your living space by considering your needs, finding ideal upgrades, and working with professional builders. 

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