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10 Cool Things to Include When Building a House


Once you’ve settled on a new-build home, it’s time to start thinking about what you want in the home. Since you’re building it, you get to pick what it’s going to look like and all the features it’s going to have. Though you may be interested in certain models from the builder, you can still add to the home or upgrade the standard features to something a little more luxurious or something that fits your family better. If you’re looking for something new or unique that you can add to the home, check out the following cool things to include when building a house.

Mud Bench in Laundry Room

Depending on where the laundry room is located, it can also end up serving as a mudroom. Everyone goes through the room when they come into the home, so this is the perfect place to take off the muddy boots before walking on the clean floors inside the home. Ensure everyone stops and takes off the muddy boots or other shoes before going inside by adding a comfortable mud bench. With the right design, you can also use this to hold backpacks, jackets, and more.

Walk-In Pantry

Do you love to cook? If so, you’ll need plenty of space to keep dry ingredients. With a walk-in pantry, it’s easy to get everything organized and see what you have. You’ll never waste time searching for ingredients or wondering what you need to pick up when you go to the grocery store. A walk-in pantry is definitely on the list of cool house features you’ll want to have. Once you upgrade the pantry, take a look at walk-in pantry organization ideas to start thinking about how you’re going to place everything in the pantry.

Patio With a Fireplace

If you enjoy entertaining outside or like to relax outdoors when the weather’s perfect, a patio is a must-have. Make the patio the perfect place to relax even on cooler evenings by adding in a fireplace as well. Vaulted patio covering, as well as plenty of room for extra seating, will mean you always have a stunning place to sit and relax or to entertain guests. Add the patio with fireplace to your home, then start shopping for the most comfortable patio furniture to make it complete.

Kitchen Nook

Even if you’re in a rush to get out the door in the mornings, a kitchen nook can make eating breakfast a lot more fun. A simple nook provides an easting space for the family in the mornings, no matter if you’re enjoying a bowl of cereal or a huge Sunday breakfast with the extended family. Check out fun designs for kitchen nooks to see what’s going to look perfect in your home.

Luxury Master Bathroom

The standard master bathroom may be fine, but what if it was more like a spa than a bathroom? Upgrade the master bathroom to a stylish luxury bathroom with high-quality tiles, a walk-in or infinity shower, and his and hers vanities. You’ll love getting ready in the morning or going to your own personal spa to wind down in the evening.

Extra Outlets Everywhere

While outlets might not be on the top of your list of cool house ideas, they should be. These days, everything plugs in or needs to be charged, and there are just not enough outlets to handle it all. Go ahead and add extra outlets when the home is being built. This way, you won’t have to worry about calling an electrician to add them in later. In areas like the kitchen, hidden outlets can provide extra charging power without detracting from the room’s look.

Home Automation

Home automation has grown significantly over the past few years. If you’ve been thinking about getting into home automation, there’s no better time to start than when you’re building a home. While the home is being built, add in smart outlets, smart switches, smart appliances, and a whole lot more. Just about anything can be automated today, making your life a lot easier. Once you move in, everything will be ready to use.

Pet Bathing Station

If you’ve got pets, one of the top cool and unique house features you’ll want to consider is a bathing station. The perfect place for this is in the mudroom, especially if you have dogs who love to roll in the mud. A pet bathing station makes it easier to wash your pets and store all of your pet-related items. Depending on the design, it can help bring them up to your level or just make it easier to wash the dogs without getting soaked yourself.

Custom Shelving

Instead of buying a ton of bookshelves and trying to make them fit in the space, have custom shelving added when the house is designed and built. The custom shelving will be built in, so it will look fantastic in the home, and it can be made to your exact specifications. If you have many books, crafting supplies, or other items you want to organize, add in the shelving now, so you don’t have to worry about finding something that works later.

Under-Cabinet and Cabinet Lighting

More light is always needed in the kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting gives you better light on the workspaces in the kitchen, so you can see exactly what you’re doing. Cabinet lighting can be added into some of the cabinets if you’d like to be able to see what’s in the cabinet better. Consider adding extra lighting in the pantry, as well, so you can easily see everything that’s in there.

As you start to think about building your home, don’t forget to add some or all of these cool house features. Upgrade or add anything that you may want or need. When you make sure the home has everything you need in it plus a little bit of luxury, you’re going to end up with a house that not only looks amazing but that truly feels like home as well.v